Microoled raises €21 million for its augmented glasses

Deals / 12 July 2023

The specialist in OLED microdisplay design signs a third round of financing of almost 21 million euros. 

The specialist in OLED microdisplay design signs a third round of financing of almost 21 million euros. Advised by Joffe & Associés (Thomas Saltiel, Camille Malbezin and Oriana Castelli), Jolt Capital and Bpifrance are leading this round of financing in front of historic shareholders, as part of Microoled’s drive to increase production capacity and fuel research and development.


A new series of full-color, high-brightness glasses for professionals and the first for the general public. Microoled is now seeking to justify a new round of financing to strengthen and diversify its business development, almost three years after its €8 million Series B round.


The Grenoble-based industrialist, led directly by Jolt Capital and Bpifrance, has mobilized the Innovation Défense fund to sign a third round of financing worth 21 million euros.


“We seized the opportunity to invest in a high-tech company that already has a broad industrial customer base,” managing partner at Jolt Capital, alongside a long-standing shareholder, Cipio Partners, with whom we have already invested.” Ventech, which joined in 2023 with the German-Luxembourg fund, is also back in the pot. MicroOled, which generated sales of almost €23 million in 2021, 95% of which were exported to 25 countries, now wants to take advantage of its new capital to increase capacity at its production unit in Grenoble.



Recent announcements about new consumer headsets, due to be available in 2024, are boosting the overall market for augmented reality, for all applications, including industry and security. And while it’s possible to use a smartphone or tablet as a gateway to this technology, glasses will eventually be unavoidable.



Buyer or Investor : JOLT CAPITAL , Pierre Garnier , BPIFRANCE INVESTISSEMENT , Nicolas Berdou , CIPIO PARTNERS , VENTECH

Company Corporate lawyer : JOFFE & ASSOCIES , Thomas Saltiel , Camille Malbezin

Purchaser Corporate lawyer : MAGS AVOCATS , Johann Charmette , Gabriel Joseph-Deparis

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