Structuring and reorganisation – Governance

Involved in our clients’ strategic organizational or reorganisation operations, we support them, both upstream in their strategic thinking phase and in the structuring and then implementation of their projects, thanks to our transversal and global approach (optimization of the operational, human, accounting, financial and administrative organization).

We advise on the development and coordination of the restructuring plan to secure its successful completion, by providing an in-depth analysis of the planned operation and by drafting the legal documentation required for its implementation (structure, legal and tax impact memos,etc.).

We also advise and assist our clients in the social aspects of their reorganisation operations to define the legal framework (company transfers, workforce reductions, etc.), prepare the consultation/negotiation phases of employee representatives (prior audit, economic note, PDV, RCC, PSE, search for buyers, creation of dedicated teams including consulting firms specialised in payroll, reclassification, revitalisation and/or communication), support consultations/negotiations, and the implementation of decided reorganisation measures.

We provide a solution adapted to each operation according to its specificities in terms of governance, anticipation of exits, possible blocking situations and their management.

Always looking for the right balance, we advise on the organisation of relations between partners and managers and establish the necessary documentation for the implementation and sustainability of projects.