Sea Vorian acquires Seafin, leader in high-tech products for the blue economy.

Deals / 14 December 2021

Sea Vorian acquires Seafin (Holding company of Neotek and RTSys), leader in the marketing and manufacturing of high-tech products for the blue economy.

Article NEOTEK, published on 14 December 2021


Sea Vorian, a company created by a pool of investors led by Jean-Luc Biache and François-Xavier de Cointet, is acquiring 100% of Seafin, the leading distributor and manufacturer of high-tech products for the blue economy, from its founder Claude Pacheco, the Atalaya and Financière de Brienne 2 funds managed by Ace Capital Partners and the SFLD fund.


Founded in September 2004 by Claude Pacheco, Neotek specialises in the distribution and integration of data acquisition, oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation, positioning, UAV and mine clearance equipment.


RTSys, acquired in 2012 when Ace Capital Partners funds entered the market, has established itself in the design and manufacture of underwater acoustics and robotics products. Its high level of expertise is now recognised in 4 main areas of innovation: passive acoustic monitoring (PAM), underwater exploration via autonomous underwater drones (AUV), mine countermeasures (MCM) and anti-submarine warfare (ASW).


Numerous R&D programmes have been carried out in partnership with the Directorate General for Armaments, the Pôles Mer de Compétitivité, or the European Defence Fund, to design miniaturised products without compromising either performance or cost. Renewable marine energies, deep sea exploration and anti-submarine warfare are all sectors in which the Seafin group now claims a leading position.


With the transfer of the group to Sea Vorian, a new stage is opening up for the Seafin group to become an undisputed European player in the naval, civil and defence submarine markets.

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