WEBNET Group acquires YAYTY

Deals / 21 June 2024


Find the original post from Webnet’s president on LinkedIn here.


WEBNET Group, web designer and digital solutions integrator, acquires YAYTY, a computer coding and user experience consultancy. Joffe & Associés (Virginie Belle, Paddy Pascot and Alexia Guyot) is advising the WEBNET group on this acquisition.


This acquisition will enable YAYTY, which has some twenty consultants and sales of €2.3 million by 2023, to contribute to extending the WEBNET group’s activities, particularly in product management (UX, PO), data management, fullstack development and the cloud.


With this operation, the WEBNET group aims to achieve sales of around €20 million by 2024, and will bring together some 200 consultants in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille and Nantes.




Transaction participants :


– Buyer’s legal advisor: Joffe & Associés (Virginie Belle (Barone), Paddy PASCOT)
– Legal counsel for the seller : TMH Avocats (Margaux Horstmann, Thomas Mliczak)
– DD Financial (Acq.): Exelmans (Manuel Manas, Charles Derache, Stéphane Dahan)
– DD Legal, Tax / Social (Acq.) : Joffe & Associés
– Structured financing – BNP Paribas (David Eyraud, Germain Pardon, Daniel ARDELJAN) – Caisse d’Epargne Ile-de-France (Camille BORIE)
– Investment funds (WEBNET): SOCADIF Capital Investissement (Emmanuel DAVID) – CEIDF CI (GUILLAUME GUIN)

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